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Direct Deposit

Simplify your life with ways to make a deposit: direct deposit, night depository, ATM or mobile deposit.

Fraud + Risk Protection

It takes a sophisticated toolkit to stop cyber crime and we’ve taken a comprehensive approach to fraud protection to make sure your everyday transactions are covered. Mobile text alerts will notify you in real time. Report lost or stolen debit cards to 1-800-528-2273.


We can help you explore our IRA plans and short + long term certificates of deposits to best fit your investment needs.

CD Rates

Vehicle + Consumer Loan

Whether you need your first car or need a new one, call 1-419-453-3313 for rates today. We have quick answers and competitive rates.

Personal Loans

Whether it’s financing your dream home, planning a vacation, looking for a new car, or simply financing your everyday needs, our Lending Team can recommend the best loan solution and streamline the process with quick approvals and closings. Call 1-419-453-3313