The Ottoville Bank Company was duly incorporated on the 24th day of October, 1903, as evidenced by certificate of articles of incorporation filed and recorded in the office of the Secretary of State. The Ottoville Bank Company was opened for its first day of business on February 2, 1904. J. C. Wannemacher acted as the first president.

The Bank was originally located on the corner of Third and Canal Street, which is the location of the present day VFW. The members of the first Board of Directors consisted of J. C. Wannemacher, J. H. Wannemacher, J. J. Miller, and E. L. Odenweller. In September of 1918, J. J. Miller was appointed the second president of The Ottoville Bank Company. He held this position until March of 1933, when Alex J. Miller was named the third president.

In July of 1939, the Board of Directors accepted the bid from Hisey and Bebout to construct a new bank building at the cost of $8,250.00. It was constructed at 161 W. Third Street, where the bank is still located today.

In May of 1950, Leo Romer was appointed the fourth president of The Ottoville Bank Company. A month later, the bank became a member of the Federal Reserve System.

In June of 1974, John F. Romer, the son of Leo Romer, was appointed the fifth president of The Ottoville Bank Company. 1975 was the year that The Ottoville Bank Company did some remodeling and installed a drive-up window. In 1986, the bank building doubled in size and it was at this time 24 hour teller machine was installed.

In 2004, The Ottoville Bank Company celebrated its 100th Anniversary of continuous service to the surrounding communities.  

In November 2009, The Ottoville Bank Company opened a Lending Center in Delphos, Ohio.  Ronald R. Elwer serves as lender at this office.
In March 2012, David J. Romer, the son of John F. Romer, was appointed the sixth president of The Ottoville Bank Company.  
John F. Romer is currently serving as Chairman of the Board, David J. Romer as President and CEO, James W. Vincent as Senior Vice President and Cashier, Ronald R. Elwer as Vice President and Barbara K. Neidert as Secretary of the Board and Assistant Cashier. 

Current Board members include John Hilvers, Rebecca Moorman, David Romer, John Romer, and James Vincent.

This 1904 photo shows the original bank, on the corner of Third and Canal Streets, now the location of the Post Office and the V.F.W.

In 1939 this new building was constructed at the site of the present location.

In 1975 The Ottoville Bank did some remodeling, and the drive-up window was installed at that time, plus other time-saving features.

The year 1986 brought an addition that doubled the size of the bank, and it was at this time that they installed an automatic 24-hour teller machine, a great convenience.

In 2013, the bank received a complete renovation including a brand new fa├žade.

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